If you are looking for a room design where your little ones can play and move freely, the Montessori baby room should be your first choice. At this point, Smart Wood comes into play. It serves with special production products that will bring your baby rooms together with a unique design.

According to the Montessori educational philosophy, children should be left free in their own fields. Because as he is set free, he learns new things and brings the sense of discovery to the fore. Self-sufficiency of children and meeting their needs without assistance is the main issue underlying this education.

The more comfortable your child is in their room, the happier they will be. When they embrace that their room belongs to them, they will realize that they are an individual. If you want to support the social, physical and mental development of your children, the Montessori baby room provides an integrity to meet all your needs.

So what should be an ideal nursery decoration? What should be considered when choosing a Montessori baby room? What features should children’s rooms have? You can find answers to all these questions in our article.

How should a Montessori Baby Room be?

First of all, all materials in the room must be functional. In other words, items that your child can play freely and meet their needs should be used. Everything in the children’s room should be suitable for the height of the child.

Every child has different interests. That’s why you should consider this when designing a baby bedroom. Creating play and activity areas according to your child’s interests is one of the important parts of the Montessori method. For example; parts where he can paint and spend time with musical instruments in a corner of the room.

Furniture should be selected according to children. Bookcases, shelves, cabinets should be at the height that your child can easily lie down and get what they want. In addition, the tables and chairs to be used should be suitable for their own dimensions so that they can do all their activities comfortably. Meeting one’s own needs without help from anyone is the most important part of Montessori philosophy.

Simplicity is very important in choosing Montessori baby room. Your child’s room should be simple and useful, away from showing off. Bright colors, confusing details and fancy visuals should be avoided. So your child will not be distracted. Have the opportunity to positively advance their personal development with peace and confidence.

What to Find in the Montessori Baby Room?

What furniture and materials will be in the nursery is also very important. Everything in the room should be products that contribute to the development of the child. Uncomplicated, functional furniture, toys, tables and chairs and more…

Montessori Furniture

When it comes to Montessori children’s room, the first thing that comes to mind is the furniture. All furniture of the baby room should be made of natural wood. Paint that will not harm child health must be used.

All of the furniture produced in accordance with the Montessori style should be in a position and height suitable for the height of the child. Furniture is the most important material that emphasizes children’s self-sufficiency. That’s why you should consider all these features when choosing furniture.

Montessori Toys

Another important part of Montessori baby room decoration is toys. When choosing toys, toys made of natural wood or fabric should be preferred instead of toys made of plastic and similar materials. Simple and simple toys that will reveal their creativity should be chosen. Of course, as required by this philosophy, all toys should be classified separately and put into boxes after the game is over. Thus, your child reinforces the concept of order.

Also, when choosing a game, stay away from one-way, technological and expensive toys. Instead, choose simpler, more versatile, creativity-enhancing toys. For example; puzzles, cubes, marbles, piles triangle etc.

Table and Chair Set (Activity Table):

When preparing a Montessori nursery set, you should always prefer small sized products. The most important of these are tables and chairs. You should choose these activity tables that will make fun activities according to your child’s height. Using large sized tables or chairs can make your child feel inadequate. In addition, these wooden activity tables will add elegance and air to your baby’s room.

You can reach our page of high quality and original wooden children’s table chair models in accordance with Montessori philosophy.

Montessori Bed:

Montessori beds are one of the indispensable products of children’s rooms. In this philosophy, ground bed is preferred instead of cradle bed. Thus, children’s self-confidence increases, as the freedom of movement of children is provided.

With the Montessori mattress, children can get out of bed completely on their own without any support, they can cover themselves and make their beds. Another reason for choosing a floor bed is that it is safe. Thanks to the floor mattress, your child can lie comfortably without fear of falling. These beds are both economical, aesthetic and very practical.

Room Walls:

The walls of the baby’s room should be prepared according to the needs of your baby.

Warmer colors should be preferred instead of eye-catching bright colors. If you are going to use wallpaper, you should choose wallpapers that will attract the attention of your children.

Mirror: A mirror you put in your baby’s room will help him to watch and recognize himself and his surroundings. As he sees himself and his surroundings from different angles, his three-dimensional thinking skill will thus be improved.

Why Choose Montessori Baby Room?

Every parent wants their children to grow up in a comfortable and safe environment. He is thinking of preparing an environment where he can make freely choices, improve his mental and physical development in the best way, and discover his skills and creativity. The best type of decoration that can realize these thoughts is designs that are suitable for the Montessori style.

With Montessori baby room;

• Your child’s learning is easier and faster.

• Having freedom of movement and freedom of choice also contributes positively to personality development.

• It gains a sense of independence thanks to its own furniture and other materials.

• He will feel that he is a resourceful creature, not helpless, as he has learned to do something on his own.

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